Herschel Walker Torches The Dying Embers Of His Senate Campaign As Abortion Denial Collapses

Herschel Walker claimed that he did not know the woman who accused him of paying for her abortion, which seems impossible being that he also has a child with her.

The Daily Beast reported:

After a woman revealed that Republican senatorial candidate Herschel Walker had urged her to have an abortion, Walker adamantly denied the story and claimed he had no idea who this woman could be.

But there’s a good reason the woman finds that defense highly doubtful: She’s the mother of one of his children.

The woman, a registered Democrat whose years-long relationship with Walker continued after the abortion, told The Daily Beast that her chief concern with revealing her name was because she is the mother of one of Walker’s own children and she wanted to protect her family’s privacy as best she could while also coming forward with the truth. (Walker has publicly acknowledged the child as his own, and the woman proved she is the child’s mother and provided credible evidence of a long-term relationship with Walker.)

All of those Republicans who lined up to support Walker after the abortion story thinking that they could make it go away by shifting to a he said/she narrative just had their tactics blow up in their faces.

Just like his buddy Trump, Herschel Walker is a special brand of truth adverse toxic. Anyone who dares to believe him or defend him is bound to get infected.

This story isn’t going away.

Herschel Walker winning is vital to Republican hopes of regaining control of the Senate. If Walker loses in Georgia, Republicans have virtually no chance of taking back the Senate majority.

The problem is that Herschel Walker keeps throwing gasoline on his own Senate campaign and setting it ablaze.

Herschel Walker can’t stop lying, and each new lie that is proven false costs him votes.

Stranger things have happened but Herschel Walker is not Donald Trump, and this isn’t 2016.

It is looking more and more likely that Walker has made himself unelectable in the US Senate race in Georgia.

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