Alex Jones Crushed In Court Right In Front Of The Jury

It has been another bad day in court for Alex Jones as lawyers for Sandy Hook families played clips of Jones calling the jury rigged to the jury.

The last thing that the jury heard:

The award in the Connecticut trial is expected to be much larger than the $49.5 million awarded to two Sandy Hook parents in Texas. Jones has lost several defamation lawsuits related to his smears for profit against Sandy Hook families. The plaintiffs have debunked Jones’ claims of bankruptcy and poverty.

A bankruptcy judge gutted Jones’s bankruptcy setup because of a lack of transparency and required that new officials be appointed. The fact that Jones is still running a con and trying to use the trials for profit should be particularly damaging in the eyes of the jury.

Jones is facing financial ruin, and it would not be surprising if he ends up owing the Sandy Hook families hundreds of millions of dollars when all the judgments are in.

Alex Jones isn’t learning anything from this experience, and unless he is stopped, he will use the same tactics because defamation for profit is his business model.

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