Trump Ohio Rally Draws Comparisons To Cults And Nazis

Donald Trump’s rally in Ohio has drawn comparisons to cults and Nazis with some bizarre scenes.

Here is the video from Trump’s rally:

CREW tweeted:

Andrew Weissmann tweeted:

The hyponotic music and Trump’s mantra like repetition of lies and false statements all looked intentional. It appears that Trump is trying to transform his most loyal supporters into an army that will do his bidding.

It is impossible to watch the scene in Youngstown and not think of all of the criminal investigations that Trump is currently facing. Trump isn’t thinking about winning an election. He is trying to avoid being indicted by the Justice Department.

The signs and symbols are impossible to ignore, and it will be media malpractice if the corporate outlets continue to cover Donald Trump as normal politics as usual.

Trump is increasing his control tactics over his supporters. Part of the reason might be to keep them in the fold as the onslaught of bad news continues, but the same man who urged his supporters to attack the Capitol might be looking to use violence to get himself out of legal jeopardy.

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