Trump Jokes That JD Vance Has Been “Kissing My Ass”

Donald Trump joked that JD Vance has been “kissing his ass” and suggested the populist Senate candidate had great admiration for him, despite saying very negative things about the former President in the past.

Trump’s comments came at a Save America Rally in Ohio this past weekend.

He was criticizing what he called a “fake story” in the New York Times that argued Senate candidates in swing states were trying to distance themselves from Trump at their rallies.

“And then the New York Times did a fake story today, big front page that JD wasn’t sure if he wanted my support,” Trump scoffed. “JD is kissing my ass. Hey wants my support.”

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Trump Says Vance Is ‘Kissing My Ass’ For Support

The New York Timeson the same day of the rally, published a column suggesting “some GOP candidates aren’t thrilled” about Trump rallying for them.

They stated that Trump had not been invited to rally for Vance by the Senate candidate himself and suggested that the campaign had chosen a time and location for the rally that would best keep him out of the limelight.

Vance still spoke at the Save America Rally on Saturday for just over a minute.

“Is it great to have the president back in Ohio?” he asked the crowd.

The former President went on to note that Vance has said some reprehensible things about him in the past, but they’ve moved beyond the tensions.

“This is a very important race,” Trump said. “This is a great person who I’ve really gotten to know.”

Trump even suggested that Vance had fallen in love with him after getting to know him better, comparing the pivot in their relationship to that of North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un.

“Yeah, he said some bad things about me, but that was before he knew me and then he fell in love,” said Trump.

“Remember I said that about Kim Jong-un? He fell in love. And they said, ‘Oh, Trump is saying he fell in love,’” he continued. “Actually he did, if you want to know the truth.”

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Trump’s Endorsement Helped Vance

Former President Trump endorsed Vance in his GOP primary race when he was trailing in the polls with just two weeks left in the campaign. Vance went on to win by almost 10 points.

Now, recent polls show him with a 4-point lead over his opponent, Democrat Tim Ryan.

Is it any wonder Vance is, as Trump states, “kissing my ass”?

MAGA conservatives had some apprehension about Vance’s campaign considering past statements he has made.

The Political Insider reported in April on a text message from Vance worrying in 2016 that Trump was either “a cynical asshole” or “America’s Hitler.”

Trump often subtly mentions the past comments in vague terms at his pro-Vance rallies but insists the focus going forward should remain on winning the Senate seat.

“The entire MAGA movement is for JD Vance,” Trump said before predicting the Republican Senate candidate would “clinch the Senate for the Republicans.”

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