The iPhone 14 Pro camera is shaking and rattling when certain third-party apps are used

released its latest last week. While many folks were excited to get their hands on a new device, their elation may have been tempered by some problems with the camera system. It seems that several prominent third-party apps have compatibility issues with the rear camera unit. Users have reported problems including shaking, rattling and mechanical noises emanating from the device when using apps like Instagram, TikTok and Snapchat, as reports. It seems there are problems with autofocus and focus too.

Along with sharing reports of the problems on the likes of and , some have been sharing videos that show the issues. One appears to depict a grinding sound coming from an iPhone 14 Pro when Snapchat is open. Another shows a similar issue while TikTok accesses the rear cameras.

Given that these issues only appear to be present when third-party apps are in use, rather than Apple’s own Camera app, a software issue may be to blame, as 9 to 5 Mac points out. In particular, the apps may not be playing nicely with the iPhone 14 Pro’s optical image stabilization, which seems to be the cause of the rattling. It’s not yet clear whether the problems are on Apple’s end or with the third-party apps. Engadget has contacted Apple, TikTok, Snap and Meta for comment.

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