Spy x Family’s New Trailer Teases Puppy Crisis Arc

Anya Forger in Spy x Family.

Image: atsuya Endo/Shueisha, Spy x Family Project

Tetsuya Endo’s Spy x Family is a very good anime that happens to feature an eclectic cast of characters. Loid Forger and Yor Briar are respectively a spy and assassin pretending to be husband and wife, and their adoptive daughter Anya is the only one who knows their secrets, as she has telepathic powers. The show succeeds in part because the Forgers just manage to skate by as an average family despite all three of them being clearly strange, and some of the show’s best moments come when the facade of their ordinary life collides with the heightened reality of either Loid or Yor’s secret professions.

That collision is happening again with the show’s upcoming adaptation of the manga’s “Puppy Crisis” arc. When Loid’s agency uncovers a plot to assassinate a minister, the spy’s called into action just as the Forgers are out shopping for a dog to complete their normal family image. The lovable dog that Anya eventually settles on just so happens to see the future, and the young girl takes it upon herself to try and save her papa’s life.


A premise like this would have you thinking it would be better suited for a movie based on an anime, but no, Spy x Family is just frequently Like This. With a new opening song in Bump of Chicken’s “Souvenir,” the new arc of episodes looks as fun as the show did when it first premiered earlier in the year. With other anime for the fall season teasing big stakes or bloody carnagesomething like this can be a nice, goofy palate cleanser.

Spy x Family will return with new episodes on October 1.

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