Send in Wishes, Upload Video, Design Family e-Card & More Via NaMo App

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s 72nd birthday which will be on September 17 can now be celebrated in a fun-filled with a tech savy twist thanks to new creative features introduced on the NaMo App. While the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has planned to organize various programs under “Seva Pakhwada” across the country for a period of 16-days from 17 September to October 2, to mark Modi’s birthday, several new features celebrating the various milestone of the The Prime Minister has been introduced on the NaMo App.

NaMo App users can now use special features including ‘Family-e Card’, videos, virtual exhibitions and more to send creative wishes to PM Modi.

Here’s a look at all the new features and how you can use them:

Digital Way to Greet a Tech-Savvy PM

Users on the NaMo App can send their birthday wishes by recording a video message or uploading a photo that can be directly sent to the Prime Minister.

Family E-card

A special feature ‘Family E-card’ can now be used by users on the NaMo App. The feature allows one user to include their entire family in one greeting before they send it to the PM. The feature is designed to bring together people from across the country in sending wishes to Prime Minister Modi.

From village elders, grandparents, friends to family living far away, the Family e-Card feature allows users to compile their wishes in one best wishes digital greeting card.

Virtual Exhibition

Every year, a virtual exhibition on PM Modi’s life is hosted on the NaMo App. It features the various challenges he faced, the innovative ideas he used to overcome them and how he was instrumental to growth, first as Gujarat Chief Minister then later to the country as Prime Minister.

This year, users will now be able to pick specific moments from PM Modi’s life that they connect with the most and create a short video sharing their views and experiences. This personalized video that every user can create will then be available to share on every Social Media platform.

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