Queen’s funeral live: King and royals to lead Queen’s coffin to Westminster Abbey as world leaders arrive | UK News

The Queen’s former prime ministers have arrived at Westminster Abbey in the last few moments.

Among them is Boris Johnson with his wife Carrie, and David and Samantha Cameron.

John and Norma Major, Tony Blair with wife Cherie, and Gordon and Sarah Brown have also all arrived.

Royal correspondent Rhiannon Mills said: “I spoke to Tony Blair and he described how there was no one else in his life where he could have those truly quiet conversations, knowing 100% that everything that was said in that room would stay within those four walls .

“People often talk about how lonely it can be in that position of power, and you would have had a monarch – prime minister meeting every week able to share those experiences.”

The Queen met with 15 different prime ministers during her reign.

“You can’t forget that just two days before she died, she carried out that last important constitutional responsibility, a role that she was determined to carry out as she welcomed her fourteenth prime minister Boris Johnson, to accept his resignation and then appoint her fifteenth prime minister, Liz Truss, who we will see taking part reading one of those lessons in the service later on.”

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