Netflix’s Umbrella Academy Season 3 Blooper Reel

The cast of The Umbrella Academy dances in the "Footloose" sequence

Image: Christos Kalohoridis/Netflix

The Umbrella Academy deals with serious issues—family dramahorrifying tragedies, impending apocalypses—but it’s at its heart a comic-book show, and it always tempers his approach with a sly sense of humor. A new blooper reel from season three showcases just how wacky things got behind the scenes for the Hargreeves siblings, not to mention their friends and foes.

Misbehaving monocles, sticky hair, farting sofas, stunt punches gone amusingly wrong, several flubbed and forgotten lines, Tom Hopper reminding us he’s British rather than American, some very janky elevator doors, Robert Sheehan wondering if he’s allowed to say “fuck” on Netflix, and more than one instance of breaking character because someone couldn’t stop cracking up—there’s a lot going on in this nearly six-minutes of edited-out mayhem.

The Umbrella Academy—based on the Dark Horse comic by Gerard Way and Gabriel Báwill return for its fourth and final season to wrap up that season-three cliffhanger as well as any number of others lingering questionsbut no date has been announced yet.

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