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In the modern world, smartphones are the closest thing to the human race, at least when we talk about tech-enabled devices. When broadly classified, there are two types of smartphone users – Android and iPhone, and both teams continue to have their fair share of arguments to prove the other one inferior. Also, smartphones are now a very integral part of driving exercise as well. In fact, mobile phones can now use their artificial intelligence to judge the driving behavior of different drivers and putting this skill to use, a study reveals that Android phone users are better than those who use iPhones.

A recent report, published by a smartphone car insurance comparison firm – Jerry, claims that Android smartphone users tend to be better drivers than those who use iPhones. Jerry has gathered and analyzed data from over 20,000 drivers for over 13 million kilometers, and interestingly, drivers with Android smartphones performed better than those who used iPhone devices.

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The report said, “Jerry analyzed data collected from 20,000 drivers during 13 million kilometers of driving over a 14-day period. The data generated an overall driving score as well as sub-scores for acceleration, speed, braking, turning, and distraction. Then we grouped the results by smartphone operating system and various demographic characteristics.”

The report shows that older drivers have a lesser appetite for risk, in comparison to aged drivers. Besides, it concludes that iPhone users are more drawn towards luxury and less consistent, however, Android phone users have little temptation to break rules.

Well, in India, using mobile phones is prohibited while driving, as per the Indian Motor Vehicle Act. Not abiding by the law can result in a heavy fine or even jail. Nevertheless, the use of Bluetooth-based head units is allowed in cars.

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