Indian Railways: Need a confirmed Tatkal ticket during festive season? Follow THESE simple steps while booking through IRCTC | Railway News

Last minute plans can come up anytime, be it in case of emergency or impromptu plans and Indian Railways is definitely a much affordable option than taking flights at the last moment. As the festive season is approaching, people tend to make impromptu plans to be with their loved ones. However, there are times when passengers go for ‘Tatkal’ train ticket reservations, and still do not get confirmed train tickets. This problem often comes up when there is a high demand on any particular train route and the chances of getting a confirmed ticket keeps on decreasing. But here’s a hack! Now passengers making reservations via tatkal need not worry about getting confirmed tickets as the following steps can help you get one.

Here’s how to get Tatkal ticket confirmed from IRCTC for the upcoming festive season:

Keep the details ready

Tatkal train ticket reservation is all about timings. Hence, passengers should keep their details ready, from passenger information to travel details, and upload it as soon as possible. Maximum rush on the website is around 10am.

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Create a ‘Master list’

Go to the IRCTC website’s ‘My Profile’ section and create a Master List with all the passenger information. This master list may be used for your further bookings at any time. Make a separate ‘Travel List’ for each trip for which you wish to buy a Tatkal ticket. Details from this list may be retrieved during the booking process, allowing you to complete all requirements in a matter of minutes.

Check station codes

This is a common mistake that far too many people make. You need not only have an idea of ​​your source and destination stations before initiating an IRCTC Tatkal booking session but also have their station codes copied and pasted into a Notepad file. If you look for station codes after the screen shows, your chances of getting a ticket are slim.

Decide on berth preferences

You’ll be asked for your berth preferences in the following stage, and you won’t have time to think about it. If you choose the lower berth, there’s a good chance it won’t be available. You must not choose any berth preferences in order to keep the procedure easy.

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