Good news for EPFO ​​subscribers! Ayushman Bharat health insurance to be available for free, here’s how | Personal Finance News

New Delhi: If you work for the Employees Provident Fund Organization (EPFO), this is for you. EPFO’s more than 7 crore subscribers will be delighted. The organization is currently debating whether EPFO ​​employees should now be covered by Ayushman Bharat Health Insurance.

Preparations are being made to provide Ayushman Bharat Health Insurance coverage to all EPFO ​​board subscribers. This proposal is likely to be approved by the end of the month. Let us tell you that Ayushman Bharat Health Insurance provides insurance coverage of up to Rs 5 lakh, which means that nothing comes out of your pocket for expenses up to Rs 5 lakh.

According to the proposal, EPFO ​​pensioners and their life partners will be considered eligible for this scheme. EPFO subscribers will not have to pay a premium for the Ayushman scheme. According to the EPFO’s proposal, the EPFO ​​will bear the premium of each subscriber, which is Rs 111.

The Central Government established the Ayushman Bharat Card to provide free health care to the people of the country. This program started in September 2018. Every cardholder is eligible for free treatment up to Rs 5 lakh under this scheme.

This card is available to those who qualify for it. It is available both offline and online. The Ayushman Bharat card provides a wide range of services. This plan also includes coverage for chronic diseases. This plan covers all expenses both before and after hospitalization. In addition, transportation expenses incurred during treatment are included.

Employees Deposit Linked Insurance is an insurance scheme administered by EPFO ​​that is available to all EPFO-registered employees. This scheme provides insurance coverage of up to 7 lakhs. This scheme employs a hybrid of EPF and EPS. It is critical that everyone is aware of this because if an employee dies on the job, his nominee may be eligible for financial assistance of up to 7 lakhs under this scheme.

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