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New Delhi: Donate-a-Pension that comes under Pradhan Mantri Shram Yogi Mann-Dhan (PM-SYM) is a scheme that allows people to donate the premium contribution of their closed support staff. They may include your drivers, helpers, caregivers, domestic workers, and many more. The scheme aims to promote philanthropy and generosity by allowing to help them. It holds importance as 93% of India’s total workforce is in the unorganized sector. With the help of the scheme, the employer can secure the future of these people who play a crucial role in one’s functioning.

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Here are important details regarding the Donate-a-Pension scheme

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The applicant should be an unorganized worker and must be earning less than Rs 15,000 monthly.

The age of the applicant should be between 18 to 40 years.

He or she should not be an income taxpayer.

The applicant must not be covered under the New Pension Scheme (NPS), Employees State Insurance Corporation (ESIC) scheme for Employees Provident Fund Organization.

The minimum donation is Rs 660 and the maximum is up to Rs 2,400, depending on the age of the beneficiary.

Those who want to donate will have to donate the minimum contribution of one year.

Benefits for Subscribers

Every subscriber will get a pension of minimum of Rs 3,000 per month once he/she attains the age of 60 years.

If the subscriber dies during the receipt of the pension, the spouse will be entitled to receive 50% of the pension received by the beneficiary.

If a subscriber passes away before turning 60, the surviving spouse may join and carry on the plan by making successive monthly contributions. He or she is free to withdraw from the plan in accordance with the withdrawal and departure rules.

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