Documents Show Ron DeSantis Potentially Broke The Law By Lying To Migrants

New documents show that Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) potentially violated federal law by lying to migrants about the aid they would receive if they got on a plane to Massachusetts.

Via: Judd Legum at Popular Information:

Popular Information, however, has obtained a brochure that was provided to the migrants who ultimately agreed to the flights. It was provided to Popular Information by Lawyers for Civil Rights (LCR), a Boston-based legal organization that represents 30 of the migrants.

The brochure says that migrants who arrive in Massachusetts will be eligible for numerous benefits, including “8 months cash assistance,” “assistance with housing,” “food,” “clothing,” “transportation to job interviews,” “job training,” “job placement,” “registering children for school,” “assistance applying for Social Security cards,” and many other benefits.

If Ron DeSantis Lied To The Migrants, He Committed A Federal Crime

Experts say that if DeSantis and others coerced the migrants, they could face criminal and civil liabilities.

It looks like Ron DeSantis’s cover story about the migrants voluntarily boarding the planes was a lie. The migrants got on the planes because they were misled and told that they would receive aid that is not available to them.

The White House said last week that DeSantis and Abbott used trafficker tactics to get the migrants on the planes, and the documents reveal that the Biden administration was correct. DeSantis lied, and if there is legal proof that he violated the law by misleading the migrants, he may join Donald Trump as being under investigation.

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