Big Promises But No Development, Say Residents of This Barmer Village Still Waiting for Basic Facilities

Over the last many years, the state of Rajasthan has seen government of different political parties making tall claims of development but the picture on ground in some areas seems to narrate a different story, particularly in rural areas.

Such is the state of basic amenities that there are no roads, no water, no electricity nor mobile network in some villages. Bachiyan is one such village, located in Gadra Road subdivision area which is 140 km away from Barmer district headquarters, where conditions have not improved even after 75 years of independence.

The development work is a far cry for the villagers.

The Gadra Road area of ​​Barmer district is situated on the Indo-Pakistan border and Bachiyan village comes under this subdivision. This village, close to the international border and nestled amid sand dunes, has not seen the light of development and is still deprived of basic facilities.

Water Woes: One Well for Entire Village

There is no other source of drinking water in the village except a well built in the year 2002-2003. In the summer season, when this area braves scorching heat, the water here dries up, pushing village women to stand in long queues for the basic necessity at night time.

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What do Villagers Say

Bhakhar Singh, resident of this Bachiyan village, said that it is the most backward among the six villages that come under Sundara Gram Panchayat. Neither are there paved roads to reach this village, nor is their the facility of mobile networks in this digital era, he said.

Bhakhar Singh.

Sakhi Khan, another resident, also expressed the same thoughts on the village lacking facilities. If someone wants to catch the train, he will have to walk on foot around 30-40 km from the village, then he may get the bus, Sakhi Khan said.

Sakhi Khan.

Villager Sawai Singh said that such is the poor state of the village without roads, water and electricity that if anything untoward happens here, neither one can be contacted nor the officials of the administration can reach the spot on time.

Sawai Singh.

Many times the public representatives were also informed about the poor state of the village, but they came to ask for votes by making false promises during elections, Singh said, adding that after winning the elections, “leaders don’t even think about us and don’t even pay any heed to the shortage of basic amenities in the village”.

Due to lack of roads and electricity, even government schemes do not reach here completely, depriving villagers from the benefits.

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