Wendy’s Employee Charged With Murder After Punching Elderly Customer Who Complained About His Food (VIDEO)

Antoine Kendrick

Prescott, Arizona – A Wendy’s employee was charged with murder after he punched an elderly customer who complained about his food.

Antoine Kendrick, 35, was charged with second-degree murder after he struck a 67-year-old customer on July 26.

Surveillance video shows Kendrick approaching the elderly customer who was sitting in his chair and licking his Frosty.

Kendrick strikes the customer in the head causing him to fall over and hit his head.

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The customer died from a head injury on August 5.

WBRC reported:

A man who was punched by a Wendy’s employee in Arizona last month has died from his injuries, according to the police.

Now, the Wendy’s employee accused of assaulting the 67-year-old man, Antoine Kendrick, 35, faces second-degree murder charges.

Kendrick was working the register on July 26 and took the man’s order. Police say the man complained about his order and things turned violent.

Surveillance video obtained by AZ Family shows the man hunched over, licking his Frosty when Kendrick comes out from behind the counter.

Kendrick comes up next to the unsuspecting man and immediately throws a punch, hitting the customer in the head, police said.

The man fell and hit his head on the floor.

Officers said he was knocked unconscious and flown to the hospital with critical injuries.


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