VIRAL: The mysterious Paan that makes you last longer in bed

Well, if reports are to be believed then the ‘Male Paan’ is made of honey, Ambar (a type of resin), gulkand, deer musk or Kastoori, which is INR 70 lakh per kg, saffron priced at INR 2 lakh per kg , rose leaves priced at Rs 80,000 per kg and a rare liquid from West Bengal that’s priced at INR 7 lakh per kg that provides a unique fragrance to the paan. This paan is covered with gold leaf The ‘Kohinoor Paan’ is incomplete without its ‘secret ingredients’ that Siddiqui refuses to share with anyone, as that’s something only his mother knew, and now he knows about it. Even the people working in his shop are unaware of this secret ingredient. This ‘Kohinoor Paan’ is in reality made of 12 ingredients which are all aphrodisiacs and as per reports, most of the people who come to buy it have only good things to say about it.

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