Reuters Runs Cover for Dementia Joe and ‘Fact-Checks’ Funny Meme Showing Biden Being Distracted by Ice Cream Truck Music

Reuters actually ‘fact-checked’ a funny meme of Joe Biden getting distracted by ice cream truck music.

Last September Joe and Jill Biden pushed Covid vaccines at Brookland Middle School in Washington DC.

At one point Dementia Joe got distracted by a shiny button and wandered off as Jill Biden was speaking.

Biden shuffled away then made his way back as Jill Biden addressed the school officials.

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Twitter users made fun of Joe Biden by adding ice cream truck music to the video of dummy Joe wandering around.


Reuters jumped into action and fact-checked a meme!

“A video of US President Joe Biden walking away momentarily during a speech given by US First Lady Jill Biden has been digitally edited to include music played by an ice cream truck” Reuters said.

Joe Biden routinely stops for ice cream while he’s out and about.

Every time Joe Biden stops for ice cream he’s treated like a child by sycophantic reporters.

Reporters ask more questions about the flavor of ice cream Biden ordered while ignoring real issues.

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