Paul Krugman Calls Out The Media’s Negativity Bias In Covering Biden’s Economy

Paul Krugman pointed out the media’s negative bias towards any bad news when covering Biden’s economy.

Paul Krugman Discusses The Media’s Negativity Bias

Video of Krugman on CNN’s Reliable Sources:

Krugman said:

The coverage has tended towards if it bleeds it leads, but this time in economic data, the negatives get all the attention. There’s a lot of polling — it’s one thing for people to say that inflation matters more than the job gains. A plurality of voters aren’t aware we’ve been gaining jobs. People just don’t know. People say they’ve heard more news items reporting negative news on employment, and employment is the economy’s good point.

There’s been a negativity bias in coverage. The press should be giving people — people have their own personal experiences. If you ask people how are you doing, they’re pretty upbeat. People are complaining about things like gas prices, although those have come down in the last six weeks. If you ask people how is your financial situation, it’s pretty favorable. If you ask them how is the economy, oh, it’s terrible. That’s a media failure. Somehow we’re failing to convey the realities

The media is biased towards negativity on the economy. As soon as gas prices started falling, the corporate media stopped talking about it. The same thing will happen when inflation starts to fall. The corporate media drives ratings through negative coverage.

The media coverage of the economy is biased towards the negative to the point where the American people are misinformed into believing that things are worse than what they are.

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