Oz Says He Owns Two Homes: He Is 20% Correct

Mehmet Oz continues his tireless campaign to flip what would otherwise be a reasonable Republican “hold” in the United States Senate into a Democratic seat, one to be held by the relatable John Fetterman. “Dr. Oz” refuses to let a day pass without finding new and interesting ways to prove that not only does he have no real political skills or policy awareness, but that he also lacks some of the most basic “functioning adult skills.” Like Ben Carson, Oz is proving that guys who can stand over a patient, meticulously performing some of the most complicated procedures, are just wired differently and that wiring isn’t particularly helpful when facing “people,” rather than patients. In fact, the Daily Beast reports that, unlike most people, Dr. Oz can’t even round off the number of homes he owns correctly. Give it to us, Beast:

It’s a question most Americans can answer pretty easily: “How many houses do you own?” But for TV doctor and Senate candidate Mehmet Oz, it’s apparently a tricky one—with qualifiers, an explanation, and an interpretative answer.

At a campaign stop last weekend at the Carbon County Fair in Palmerton, Pennsylvania, a Democratic campaign operative asked Oz how many houses he owns. Oz’s answer? “Legitimately, I own two houses,” he said, according to footage filmed by the operative and obtained by The Daily Beast.

“But one of them we’re building on, the other ones I rent,” Oz added. The problem with that answer is Oz—legitimately—owns far more than two houses.

Respecting the bounds of fair use and not citing more than three paragraphs, we can sum up the rest of the Daily Beast’s column with “Wrong.” The correct answer is ten – but only if you leave out the two his wife owns. Indeed, Oz owns two condos in Manhattan! And he uses the word “rent” quite awkwardly because he isn’t the one “renting” them. He occasionally rents out some of the other eight! Oz managed to get a question on the number of homes he owns 20% correct.

Our point is proven. Perhaps only .01% of the people on Earth have the intellectual capacity and attention span to perform cardiovascular procedures, and 99.99% of the people on Earth can accurately account for the number of homes they own. If Oz’s record in surgery were 20% successes, he would be called “inmate Oz” rather than “Dr. Oz.” That’s a problem when trying to become “Senator Oz.”

Meanwhile, John Fetterman, dressed in the Carhart hoodies of the type most actual Pennsylvanians own, goes around the state talking about gas prices, the price of prescription meds and insulin, the schools, and reasonable gun control. Even the most diehard MAGAs, the ones that will cast their vote for Oz no matter how much they hate him, will likely admit that they can have a good talk with Fetterman and that he’s a nice guy.

But Oz marches on, tirelessly, like Vance in Ohio, Walker in Georgia, and – increasingly, like Rubio in Florida, doing all he can without wasting a single day, attempting to make Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema the two most irrelevant Senators in Washington .

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