Moon Knight Season 2 Coming, According to Star Oscar Isaac

Moon knight fighting.

Moon Knight should be kicking ass in season two.
Image: Marvel Studios

The first season of Marvel Studios’ Moon Knightt ended on quite the cliffhanger. Not only did we meet a new persona for our good friend Marc Spector (Oscar Isaac), but we didn’t learn how the character would fit into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Surely we’d find out if there was a season two.

Well, it seems like that’s happening. Mohamed Diab, one of the show’s executive producersjust tweeted out a TikTok of him and star Oscar Isaac in Cairo seemingly confirming Moon Knight sseason two is coming.

io9 has reached out to Marvel/Disney for clarification or comment and will update the story if and when we hear back.

Either way, a second season of Moon Knight makes a lot of sense, especially from a story point of view. The show ended with Khonshu releasing Marc and Steven from his service. However, in the mid-credits scene, we saw that there was one more personality inside of Marc: Jake Lockley. Jake then killed Arthur Harrow (Ethan Hawke), who had the spirit of Ammit in him, leading Khonshu, through Jake, back to his killing ways. There was closure, but also plenty of room for more.

“I want to tell you that Jake scares the hell out of me,” Diab told io9 back in May. “I hate him.” But I’m sure one day if we expanded him, hopefully, if I’m part of that, I’m sure I’m going to sympathize with him because definitely there is a story behind why we became who he is.”

Outside of the show itself, a second season didn’t seem as likely. There has been no public acknowledgment of how well the show did on Disney+, but from the outside, it certainly felt like it wasn’t as hyped up or popular as Loki or WandaVision. Plus, the rumor was that Isaac only signed a one-year deal, meaning if he was to come back for season two, he’d likely get a nice raise. Has that happened? It seems like it might be so. And if it’s one of those vacant Phase 6 release dates Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige teased at San Diego Comic-Con, well, we could see Moon Knight in an Avengers movie come 2025.

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