Man’s Narrow Escape On Sidewalk Leaves Anand Mahindra Stunned

New Delhi:

A man is seen walking on a road before turning towards a roadside shop. He steps on a sidewalk and the moment he takes the next step towards the shop, the sidewalk collapses into a drain below. The man, stunned by his narrow escape, stops in his tracks as others rush out of shops.

The jaw-dropping video is the latest shared by industrialist Anand Mahindra, known to share posts that pique users’ interest.

“I’m going to spend the weekend trying to figure out what message the Universe was sending this man. What would you be thinking if you were him,” the Chairman of Mahindra Group wrote as he shared the video on Friday.

The 30-second long video is sourced from CCTV from outside a shop.

As usual, his 9.5 million followers had a field day trying to match his wit.

“Don’t be even a second late,” suggested one, while another wrote: “Or be a few minutes late.. either way, you’re saved”.

Another user commented that the citizens should push the government to improve infrastructure.

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