Little Girl Joins Folk Dancers In Karnataka’s Udupi, Steals Hearts On Internet

Picture shows girl joining a street dancer.

It’s fun to watch children and their antics. You may frequently come across videos of children performing adorable activities on social media, especially dancing.

One video making the rounds on social media shows a little girl breaking into an impromptu dance during a street performance of a traditional dance in Karnataka’s Udupi.

Shared by Visit Udupi on Twitter, the video begins with a woman approaching a dancer with the little girl and honoring his performance by garlanding him. The dancer then urges the girl to dance with him, and she immediately matches his dance steps perfectly as the audience cheers them on.

“OMG! this is super cute,” reads the caption of the post.

The video has received over 5.6 lakh views and more than 31,000 likes so far. Around 3,500 users have re-tweeted the post so far.

“Pili Vesha – Our Unique folk dance form usually performed by seasoned artists during festivals,” wrote a user, while another simply said, “Really Impressive.”

A third user wrote, “One of the beauties of Tulu Nadu’s culture,” while sharing the post.

Recently a video went viral on the internet showing two school children helping a woman pulling her fruit loaded cart to an inclined surface. “Your degree is just a piece of paper, if it is not reflected in your behavior,” said the Twitter page that shared it.

The video was a proof that the kindness and humanity still exist in the world.

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