“Happy flight” – Jesse Winker throws shade at New York Yankees for losing series to Mariners after going back and forth with home team fans in Bronx

New York Yankees fans continued to take losses after Wednesday’s game ended.

The Seattle Mariners walked off the field with a 7-3 win in New York, but the beating continued online later.

Mariners outfielder Jesse Winker tweeted, “Happy flight,” with an emoji wearing glasses after he went back and forth with Yankees fans in the crowd Wednesday.

The social media post was born out of some banter between Winker and the New York crowd during today’s game which sealed a series win for Seattle.

Jesse Winker calling a Yankees fan “four eyes” 😭 https://t.co/tMlxU1mh4G

Winker walked towards the Yankees fans in the outfield and motioned towards the fan who said something to him. After Winker walked away, he put his hands over his eyes to make a “four eyes” joke because the fan was wearing glasses.

New York Yankees fans furious with Winker

The outfielder created a new Twitter account to post the tweet and further angered Yankee fans.

The tweet’s intent worked. Winker was quickly notified by several New York fans that they would win the next meeting.

Winker won the battle with the Bronx faithful on and off the field Wednesday. He hit a home run during the victory to make it 7-1 Seattle, and proceeded to pour salt into the fresh wound.

@JesseWinker Great job! Not sure anything will stop Yankees’ fans from chirping, but I bet they didn’t love seeing that blast 😂

While the Yankees fans weren’t happy with the result, Mariners fans were thrilled with the series win in Luis Castillo’s first start.

@JesseWinker Anytime you take a series against the Yankees in the Bx, the flight is gonna be happy 🍻

With a home run and a viral tweet, Winker and the Mariners headed home happy while New York Yankees fans were furious.

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