Florida Democrat and US Representative HARASSES AND THREATENS Small Business Owner for Hanging Sign for GOP Candidate in His Diner (VIDEO)

Entitled US Representative Lois Frankel was recently caught on video harassing and threatening a small business owner in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Democrat Frankel was outraged that a diner would display a flyer for her Republican opponent Deborah Adeimy.

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According to Human Events Democrat Frankel entered City Diner in West Palm Beach and harassed the owners on June 17th.

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Richard Kline, owner of City Diner in West Palm Beach, Florida, says that he has happily served Frankel for many years as a customer, despite completely disagreeing with her politics.

Kline believes Frankel was made aware of the poster by a customer who questioned Kline’s son, who works at the diner, about the poster shortly before Frankel arrived that day.

The campaign poster includes a line that reads: “Retire Lois Frankel.”

“Not 10 minutes later Lois came crashing through the door,” says Kline. “She didn’t come to eat. Because she comes with her elderly mother when she comes to eat. It’s a whole different mindset.”

“She came in looking around with her dark sunglasses. She was looking for that picture.”

“Finally she found it,” says Kline, “and she started freaking out.”

Kline says he could hear Frankel yelling from the back of the restaurant, and came out after she asked to see the owner.

The remainder of the altercation was caught on video by Kline’s son.

Typical entitled Democrat.

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