FBI Is Hiding Security Camera Video of Jan. 6 Pipe Bomber Planting Bomb at DNC ​​Headquarters

As reported earlier at The Gateway Pundit — Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) sent a letter to FBI Director Chris Wray in March regarding the investigation of the DC pipe bomber on January 5, 2021.

According to his letter, the FBI is withholding information from Congress and only dealing with partisan Liz Cheney’s illicit Jan 6 Committee.

The whistleblower also revealed that the Washington DC Field Office asked the FBI to canvass all of their numerous confidential human sources for information on the crime. So far the FBI has turned up nothing — which makes you wonder.

Chris Wray and the Stasi FBI have also refused any requests from Republican lawmakers on the matter. The FBI is solidly a criminal Democrat organization at this point.

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Rep. Jordan, the Ranking Member of the House Judiciary Committee, sent the letter to dirty Chris Wray on Wednesday.

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As previously reported — A mysterious suspect planted two pipe bombs at the RNC and DNC DC Headquarters and safely detonated by a bomb squad on January 6.

The suspect planted the pipe bombs on January 5the night before the Capitol riot.

The FBI continues to drip out new videos of the suspect who placed two pipe bombs at the DNC and RNC the night before the Capitol riot in the months following the incident.

On Thursday Revolver News released exclusive footage of the DNC pipe bomber dropping off the bomb.

The FBI is hiding video from this incident from the American public.

They have not arrested anyone in this alleged plot to bomb the DNC and RNC headquarters in Washington DC.

Via Revolver News.

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