Beth Phoenix has a surprising two-word reaction to Edge’s SummerSlam return

Edge returned to WWE at SummerSlam this past weekend and it appears that even his wife was surprised that he returned the way that he did.

When The Rated R Superstar initially formed The Judgment Day stable earlier this year, he began showing darker character traits. Despite multiple villainous actions, Beth Pheonix stated that she believed her husband wasn’t all bad. She went as far as to say that there was still some good in him.

Now, the former Women’s Champion has responded to her husband’s return at SummerSlam and her two words appear to cut deeper than any of the WWE Universe’s reactions.

Phoenix quoted her Tweet from back in April and wrote “Never Mind” as a reaction to her original message: “I know there is still good in him”.

Could this mean that even Phoenix knows at this point that Edge has reached the point of no return?

This isn’t the first time Phoenix has tweeted since Edge’s SummerSlam return

Phoenix had a very different reaction to her husband’s return last night, where she tweeted to make it clear that she would follow him into hell and back.

As noted, Phoenix was backstage last night and there were rumors that she was scheduled to make her return to the company alongside him. Edge, after all, is feuding against The Judgment Day and they do have Rhea Ripley in their ranks.

Ripley up against Beth Phoenix is ​​a dream match in the making and it’s easy to see Phoenix coming out and attacking The Nightmare the next time she puts her hands on Edge.

The team of Edge, Beth Phoenix, and Rey Mysterio would be fantastic competition for The Judgment Day heading into Clash at the Castle if that is what the company has planned.

Do you think Beth Phoenix will join Edge in WWE? Have your say in the comments section below.

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