Being married makes you feel closer to each other: Payal & Sangram

Payal Rohatgi and Sangram Singh have been together for 12 years. Till now, they always maintained that they never felt the need to get married as they were comfortable with their relationship. But lately, the couple started planning formalizing things as there was increasing pressure from the society and their parents also wanted them to fulfill their dream. So, to take things forward, Sangram and Payal decided to tie the knot during Payal’s stint in the reality show
Lock Up. After getting married in Agra, the couple had a reception in Delhi, followed by one in Ahmedabad. In a chat with us, Payal and Sangram talk about why they felt the need to get married after such a long time, how things have changed and more. Excerpts:

‘We felt that the time was right to take things forward’

Payal: We have been together for such a long time that we know each other inside out. All these years, we never felt the need to get married as emotional commitment means more than anything else.

Sangram: I agree. But there has been increasing pressure from society and even our parents expected us to get married at some point in our relationship. So, I felt this was the right time to get married. The way our relationship has been, we never felt the need to get the tag of being a married couple because emotionally we were already married. But there are certain things that you must do if you want to be part of the society. As a man, I can live my life the way I want. But women face unpleasant questions if they are not married after a certain point in their lives. The same was happening with Payal and I didn’t like it.

‘Now that we are married, it feels very different

Payal: Getting married definitely makes a difference. Although we were together for years, getting married means we have committed ourselves to stay together for life. Sangram is my husband now and I have to be kinder to him (laughs). Jokes aside, formalizing things, taking wedding vows and finally getting the tag of being married does have an impact. It feels good.

Sangram: I am excited and happy that we are married. Although we never though it was needed, being married makes you feel closer to each other. All our family members are really happy and there is a certain charm in being married. It’s a new phase of our lives that both of us are excited about.

‘We might host receptions in Mumbai and Haryana as well’

Payal: It was a pleasure to host our family and friends for the reception ceremony in Ahmedabad. I have grown up in this city and so, I wanted to create great memories and make it one of the happiest days of my life.

Sangram: Getting married is the fun part. What is challenging is what comes after that (laughs). We got married in Agra, which was a wonderful experience. Then we had a reception in Delhi as we know a lot of people there. Payal wanted a reception in Ahmedabad since she has grown up here and her parents are also based here. Now, we are getting so many messages from people in Mumbai,
ki yahan kab reception
kar rahe ho.
Log in Haryana
I don’t know message
kar rahe hai
ki yahan bhi ek reception
karo. We might plan these receptions if everything goes well.
Sabko khush rakhna padta hai.

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