An affair to remember! 5 people reminisce their thrilling office affairs

We had been going around for a good 2 years and everyone was sure that we would get married. But one day, a man came inside to meet her and my whole world shook. She was married and her husband was staying in another country due to his occupation. I saw her, she saw me and the next thing I know, she had put down her papers. She served her notice period but the entire time we said nothing to each other. The whole office kept asking us what’s wrong and I was so hurt that I just didn’t know what to say because her dignity was still the last thing I wanted to stain. So I kept quiet and she too did not say anything. She left and it took me 3-4 years to get over that relationship and hurt. I too eventually left that office because people asked you a trillion questions. Some even mocked me when they found out that she was a married woman. The beautiful journey had turned into a nightmare for me in that building.

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