Marginal Farmer from Parbhani Applies for Loan of Rs 6 Crore to Buy Helicopter

“Saheb, I’m farming a small land of 2 acres for the past 50 years, but an expectation of leading a simple life is also not fulfilled. It’s tiring to collect documents for crop loans. The government gets benefits from my farm but I’m unable to meet ends with it now… I’ve decided to start a business of renting a chopper as it could give me Rs 60,000 for an hour. So I’m seeking a bank loan to buy one, ”Dagduba Vajir, a humble marginalized farmer from Parbhani district of Maharashtra says with slight grief and much shine in his eyes.

Dagduba Devrao Vajir is farming his ancestral land for the last 50 years. “I lost my father during the 1972 drought. I was just 9 then and I just could think of becoming a farmer and nobody else.

I grew jowar, cotton, tur, soyabean and dreamt of ample produce. Farmland is like our mother earth. But in recent times farming is becoming unaffordable, ”Vajir tells News18.

“I’ve produced food grains worth Rs 6.67 crore from 1972 to 2019. That’s the gain of government, but what did I get. I’m still at the same place where I was in 1972, ”he said.

His farmland is in Bori village in Parbhani district, 525 km from Mumbai. He has applied for a loan of Rs 6.67 crore as he plans to helicopter now. “Businessmen earn lakhs by renting private choppers, why should I not try this easy business now,” quips Dagduba.

He’d applied for a loan in the local branch of the State Bank of India. The bank has accepted the application, a copy of which has been shared with news18 by Dagduji. The demand for Dagduji is the topic of discussion all over the state now, as it depicts the irony of the life of an Indian farmer.

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