World’s biggest passenger plane Airbus A380 flooded with water on London-Washington flight-WATCH | Aviation News

British Airways A380-800 averted a major disaster while performing flight BA293. The plane had departed from London and was on its way to Washington DC when the lower deck started filling up with water pouring down from the upper deck. Providing relief to the passengers, the aircraft belonging to the British Airways landed safely while the brew members onboard tried to control the water flow. In an attempt to reduce the water flow, the crew members tried to soak up the water and towels and blankets. Furthermore, the passengers on the plane stuck in the situation were moved to dry areas.

The video of the incident was uploaded on Twitter, where the water flowing from the stairs of the front class cabin up to the club world seats can be clearly seen. Moving on, the towels and blankets placed by the crew members on the stairs to soak the excess water are also clearly visible. The video also shows the water pouring in from the roof of the plane.

Based on the video, despite all the efforts of the cabin crew members, the water kept flowing from the tank, forming a stream in the British Airways’ aircraft.

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As per a news report by Sam Chui, a British Airways spokesperson has blamed the incident on a faulty valve on the internal clean water supply tank, which was repaired by engineers upon arrival in the United States. Furthermore, the airline’s spokesperson stated that a diversion was not required because safety was not jeopardized.

In a statement to The Sun, a staff member said, “An inflight waterfall is not a regular feature at BA. It looked more like British Waterways than British Airways. The crew gave thanks the leak happened towards the end of the trans-Atlantic crossing . “

It is to be noted that British Airways brought back five A380s to service at the start of 2022. Initially, these aircraft will be used for shorter European routes to train pilots as more of the Airbus A330 are brought back into the fleet.

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