Watch This Chilling New Video Of Trump’s Mob Targeting Mike Pence

A new video played by the 1/6 Committee revealed that Trump’s mob planned to kill Mike Pence.


Some quotes from members of Trump’s violent mob:

“I’m telling you what. I’m hearing that Pence just caved. Is that true? I’m hearing reports that he caved. I’m telling you, if Pence caved, we will drag motherf * ckers through the streets. You politicians are going to get drug through the streets.

“I guess the hope is that there is such a show of force that Pence will decide to do the right thing according to Trump.”

“Bring out Pence!”

“Bring him out!”

“Bring out Pence! Hang Mike Pence! ”

The Committee also revealed that the mob came within 40 feet of getting to Mike Pence and that Pence refused to get in a car and left the Capitol because he did not know the driver, which means he did not trust the driver.

Even people who politically disagree with Mike Pence on virtually everything can agree that Trump’s intentional incitement of a mob to pressure and attack his own vice president was a criminal act.

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