Using astrology to parent a child? The pros and cons

Parents take cues from everywhere to make sure they raise the ‘perfect’ kids. From astrology to seeking professionals parents can go to any height to make sure their kids receive the best parental guidance and support.

The onus of raising the future citizens of the society, who they feel in every way would resemble their upbringing, makes parents anxious of their parenthood every single time.

In this context, it is important to weigh all the methods that one is implementing to improve the parent-child relationship. Of the several methods, which are popular among parents, the most common one is astrology and following the prediction for zodiac signs.

Astrology’s predictions have always been debated. While many claim it to be dubious, many others say they follow it religiously.

Amidst these claims and debates, we will measure the different pros and cons associated with the role of astrology in parenting.

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