Trump-Endorsed Russell Fry Defeats Pro-Impeachment RINO Tom Rice in South Carolina Primary

Trump-endorsed Russell Fry defeated RINO Tom Rice Tuesday night in the South Carolina primary.

Fry defeated Rice with 51% of the vote and will not face a runoff for the Republican seat.

Back in March, Russell Fry spoke at a ‘Save America’ rally and denounced Rep. Tom Rice for voting to impeach Donald. Fry also urged Trump to consider running for president in 2024.

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Russell Fry explained to the crowd what a true RINO looks like.

Russel Fry: For years he talked conservative at home but as soon as he got back to Washington and crawled in with the Swamp he sided with Nancy Pelosi.

Fry cooked the Rice tonight – 51% to 25%.

That was a thumping!

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