Swipe for Love: “I am an introvert and online dating apps opened a whole new world for me”

After matching with each other on an online dating app, Sruti and Sunny kept texting and calling each other before finally meeting after an year. And guess what? It was love at first sight! In an exclusive chat with ETimes Lifestyle, Sruti and Sunny open up about how online dating helped them find true love.

Did you ever think you would find love online?

Sruti: Well, yes! I have always been shy and introverted. I have never had many friends. Interacting with people physically in college (the hub of finding love) wasn’t my game. So when Tinder and its likes emerged, it opened up a whole new world for me. And honestly, conversing online was way easier for me than interacting physically.

Sunny: I wasn’t too sure. It was all about fate. I was open to all kinds of opportunities, hence, I found Sruti. You can find love anywhere, in any corner!

How different is online dating from finding love around you?

Sruti: I am a born procrastinator! And with my demanding work life in an ad agency, it sometimes becomes impossible to even spend time with myself! So, I never had the time to meet friends and network with people. But with the online dating scene, you can access a pool of data right at your fingertips. You do not need to travel or fix a certain time for it. Though I always wanted to experience something like, ‘Before Sunrise’ Alas!

Sunny: You have an expanded horizon if you’re looking for love on an online platform than to finding someone physically. It becomes easier to interact with people, especially in the modern age.

What are some of the things you don’t like when dating online?

Sruti: In rare cases you do come across unscrupulous people or fake profiles. Sometimes verifying a person online becomes difficult. But one can rely on their gut instinct to help them identify what’s right.

Sunny: I have come across a lot of fake profiles and scamsters. I think this is a serious problem with online dating. This does set back a lot of people who’re eager to find love on a dating app.

Were you putting up your perfect side while dating online or via texts? Or were you your true self?

Sruti: Well it’s a mix! Who doesn’t want to impress her date? Everyone. But I have always been closest to my true self, the crazy me! I always wanted my dates to like me for who I am rather than a projected person.

Sunny: In person I cannot maintain a dual personality. I am always myself around everyone, and that’s necessary when you’re looking for a person to find love with.

Can you tell us what your dating bio was about?

Sruti: My bios always depended on my mood! The last bio included me saying that I have a dog and that I am a plant parent.

Sunny: My bio was very simple and it just spoke about me in a nutshell and the town I was residing in. I am a very simple person unlike Sruti!

Is connecting over online dating apps as exciting as meeting someone in a physical space?

Sruti: Of course yes! You do not just limit yourself to texts and instant messaging but you do meet up physically. And I think both weigh equally and both give you butterflies in the stomach!

Sunny: Yes, I too think that both are equally exciting and don’t have much of a difference. It’s just the platform which differs. As I said before, you can find love anywhere.

What drew you to your partner online?

Sruti: His simplicity and innocence. I am still in awe of how childlike and young at heart a person can be! Sometimes he absolutely feels like a dream.

Sunny: Her expressive eyes! I got stuck in her eyes the first time I saw her! That’s what drew me towards her.

Did you come across any fake profiles or false identities online? Any tips to tell if a person is real or fake?

Sruti: Yes I did come across a few fake profiles. In such situations, you just have to follow your instincts, nothing else, because that’s what you should rely on.

Sunny: Yes, there are a lot of fake profiles on dating apps. I believe, running a background check by looking up the person on Facebook, Instagram etc. may be a good way to check if the person is real or not. I also believe a genuine person would definitely be on social media. Only creeps would avoid showing their face on social media!

Was it love at first sight when you both met or did you take your time getting to know your partner?

Sruti: I am very practical and a bit of a skeptic too. For me it was more of love at the second or third sight. But I was floored by his cuteness the moment I met him!

Sunny: Yes it was love at first sight for me! I knew she was the one! It didn’t take us time to get to know each other at all because we were deeply in love.

Do you feel taking chances or a ‘leap of faith’ is very important to get to where you are right now?

Sruti: Yes absolutely. I took that leap of faith and guess what I landed in my dream world? Sunny, he makes me so happy and loved. It is only when you take chances, that you can reach somewhere.

Sunny: Life is all about taking chances and
shaadi is like Dilli ka laddoo! Khaoge toh pachtaoge, nahi khaoge toh tabbhi pachtaoge! (Marriage is like Delhi’s Ladoo! If you eat, you’ll regret, but if you don’t eat, you’ll still regret!)

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