Swiggy deactivates delivery agent who sent creepy ‘MISS YOU’ messages to woman | Companies News

After a woman shared `creepy` messages like” miss you lot, “from a Swiggy agent who delivered groceries at her doorstep, the company on Saturday said that the delivery executive has been` deactivated` from the platform upon investigation. After the delivery employee began texting her on WhatsApp, Prapthi, as per her Twitter handle, claimed that she had filed a complaint with Swiggy`s support team.

Among other things, the delivery agent started sending her weird messages like “Miss you lot” and “nice your beauty, wonderful behavior”. (ALSO READ: Swiggy agent sends ‘MISS YOU’ texts to woman, company replies)

“I`m sure that most women here can relate to this. I got a grocery delivery from Swiggy Instamart on Tuesday night,” Prapthi wrote on micro-blogging site Twitter. (ALSO READ: Agnipath Scheme: Banks asked to explore job opportunities for ‘Agniveers’)

“The delivery guy sent me creepy messages on WhatsApp today. Not the first time, not the last time. Something like this is happening,” she added.

Prapthi further stated that she escalated the issue, but that Swiggy`s customer support team did not respond properly.

However, later in a post, she mentioned that the escalation team and the CEO`s office contacted her.

In a statement to IANS, a Swiggy spokesperson said that they are aware of this unfortunate incident and have been in touch with the customer ever since.

“Swiggy maintains a zero-tolerance policy towards inappropriate conduct of any kind, and the delivery executive has been deactivated from the platform upon investigation,” said the spokesperson.

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