Singer Chinmayi Sripada welcomes twin babies, responds to speculation around surrogacy; know all about it

Singer Chinmayi Sripada and actor Rahul Ravindran were recently blessed with twins.

The announcement was made on social media in the form of a post, which read, “Driptah and Sharvas … The new and forever center of our Universe.”

In another post, the singer revealed that the “twins are a GIRL and a Boy” and simultaneously addressed surrogacy rumors. “I’m absolutely loving these people who are DM-ing me asking if she had twins through a surrogate just because I didn’t post photos of me being pregnant. Only those who were my innermost circle knew because I was protecting myself,” read the excerpt from her post.

“I was and will always be extremely guarded about my personal life, my family, my friends circle. Photos of out kids won’t be on our socials either for a long time,” she adds, emphasizing on her need for privacy.

Additionally, she hinted she had a caesarian delivery and added, “And if you need to know I actually sang a bhajan during the caesarian as our twins entered the world. Get a grip of that. More on this later. But for now this is enough. ”

What is surrogacy?

Surrogacy has become very prevalent in today’s time and many celebrities have opted for it for various reasons.

It involves a woman agreeing to carry another person’s baby in their womb. That said, once the child is born, the birth mother or biological mother gives the custodianship to the intended parent or parents.

Difference between a surrogate and a gestational surrogate

While a surrogate or a traditional surrogate refers to a woman who shares a genetic association with the baby, a gestational surrogate is a woman who only carries and delivers the baby for another parent, without having any biological connection to the child.

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