Scary video shows skilled pilot landing plane safely after mid-air engine failure: Watch | Aviation News

When flying 1,000 feet above the ground, even the slightest mistake can turn fatal. However, some highly skilled pilots can easily control such situations. A video of a similar incident is going viral on social media, showing a pilot handling and saving a small aircraft from a major mishap. Based on the information in the video, the engine of the said aircraft failed approximately at a height of 600 feet, putting the lives of the two men on board in grave danger.

The video on social media shows two men flying in a small aircraft. After a few seconds of flying, the engine of the aircraft fails while the plane is almost 600 ft above the ground. If a plane goes into a free fall from such a height, the situation and be extremely dangerous for the flyers and will certainly end up obliterating the plane.

Moreover, a few seconds later, the pilot notices that the fuel rail of the aircraft has failed as well, which in the first place might have been the cause of the engine’s failure. However, instead of panicking and making mistakes in the grave situation, both the people on board can be seen trying their best to handle the situation.

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The video shows the plane descending from the height at a great speed; luckily, the aircraft can be seen flying over empty fields with green patches in some areas. The pilot finds one such empty field and tries to control the descent of the plane to make a safe landing. To the video, the plane safely lands on the ground with a few jerks and stops after a short distance.

The video has received more than 8 lakh like on the social media platform. The netizens have reacted on the video praising the skills of the pilot while some thanked god for their safe landing.

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