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When someone is driving an off-roader SUV, the curiosity to explore rough terrain with it is natural. However, curiosity can sometimes end up landing you in a messy situation. Recently, tourists traveling through Sonamarg in Jammu and Kashmir drove their vehicles through the Sindh river but were not able to cross the river and got stuck in the middle. Later on, the Indian Army had to step in to rescue the distressed tourists. The video of the whole incident has gone viral on the internet.

Based on the video, the tourists were sitting in a Maruti Gypsy that they used to try to cross the streams of the Sindh river but got stuck in the middle. Based on the video, the tourists were in trouble as the river had an aggressive flow of water. Such a situation can get out of hand as the flowing water can at times be powerful enough to displace a car.

Later on, in the video, an army truck with a crane in the back can be seen pulling the tourists out of their car. By the end of the video, the car remains stuck in the river amidst the aggressive stream of the river.

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It is to be noted that this is not the first time such a video has surfaced on the internet. There have been several instances where people have got stuck in messy situations while exploring rough terrains. There are videos and photos of people getting stuck in sand, water and mud in various places.

It is to be noted that the vehicle’s capabilities are secondary when exploring rough terrain while the driving skills of a person take the front seat in such situations. Recently, another incident has been reported from the Leh district of Ladakh showing a Toyota Fortuner SUV stuck in the sand dunes of the region. Later on, the SUV owners who drove in the sand were fined by Leh Police for harming the natural landscape.

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