Daddy issues: Know how it is affecting you, its signs and how to overcome it

Going with the usage of the term, which though has no medical backing, Daddy issue is related to an attachment issue in relationships which is mostly based on the psychological bond with one’s father.

A father-complex is assumed to be the root of the term daddy issue.

Experts say, the impact of a father’s presence or absence greatly affects the relationship one gets into adulthood.

When these issues get reflected on the behavior of a child, people often pass remarks and say it to be a daddy issue.

People who did not have a healthy relationship with their father or did not have a father to look up to as a role model, often go astray. Often, the absence of fatherly love, makes these kids grow up to be emotionally vacant individuals. Even sometimes these individuals seek reassurance in every relationship they get into. People who did have a good relationship with their father often look for it in their partners. They mostly get attracted to older men, even those who are of the same age as their father.

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