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New Delhi: Having to drag yourself to work every day because you despise your job is something that most of us have experienced or are presently experiencing. First and foremost, my condolences to those who fall into the second category. For the first time, if you’re on the verge of quitting your work, we’ve got an innovative and amusing solution for you. When you despise your job, submitting a resignation might be a huge relief, as this person’s resignation is currently going the rounds on Twitter.

Being referred to as a “straight-forward resignation letter,” “The image has gone viral, putting the internet in a tizzy. A user named @MBSVUDU posted a picture of the short and sweet resignation letter on Twitter.” Bye bye sir, “is simply stated, and it is something that many individuals look forward to doing at some point in their lives.” Simple, “the uploader stated in the caption.” Take a peek to get a better idea. Read More: Gold rate in India rise by Rs 560: Check prices in your city

The photograph has received over 213K likes since it was uploaded. “I would like to notify you of my resignation,” one coworker wrote. “My last day is on the …” I felt that was very direct. “Why write an essay?” someone asked in the comments section. Many people have also been seen Retweeting the photo. A person captioned, “Straight forward sans paragraph !!” Read More: Petrol, Diesel Prices Today, June 18, 2021: Fuel rates remain unchanged, check prices in your city

According to a Twitter user, the letter could be a reaction to someone’s resignation letter, given the “Re: Resignation letter” tag.

“Recently I helped a friend with her resignation letter, she said type” To whoever it may concern, please take this as my letter of resignation, my last day will be ____, signed, “according to another.” Is that it? ” I asked. No, I owe this company a debt of gratitude. “No, Caita, this bish said,” I’m not grateful for nothin. “

In a similar scenario, Amber, a Reddit member, ultimately stood up and decided to quit after receiving a better offer. Rather than creating a standard resignation narrative, she pushed it a step farther. She posted a photo of a bereavement card that was elegantly adorned in gold and white. “I am sorry for your loss,” the card said on the front. “It is me,” Amber wrote inside the card. “I’m leaving in two weeks,” she said, amusingly announcing her two-week notice.

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