Burger King employee who did not take a single leave in 27 years get Rs 1.5 crore donation | International Business News

New Delhi: Burger King employee who recently found himself among Twitter’s most popular trends for not taking a single leave in 27 years has a bigger reward than just the goodie bag he got from his employer. While the Burger King employee named Kevin Ford had recieved a goodie bag containing a movie ticket, a Starbucks sipper, some chocolates, and some mints by his employer, the Internet seems to have the greatest reward for him. The fundraising page started by the Kevin’s daughter has so far got donations exceeding Rs 1.5 crore.

Kevin Ford’s daughter Seryna started a donation page at GoFundMe page to acknowledge the years of hard work her father had put into raising his kids while not taking any offs or leaves in the last 27 years. Internet users have poured both their heart and money out for Kevin at the crowd-funding website. As per a Dailymail report, the GoFundMe page has funds exceeding $ 200,000.

Kevin Ford, 54, has recieved a huge support from the Internet –in terms of donations –for his relentless service, because the “small goodie bag” given to him as a mark of acknowledgment did not go down well with several users. Many internet users thought that Kevin deserved more than just a goodie bag for his years of service, a thought well echoed by Kevin’s daughter too.

While Kevin has garnered a lot of attraction among Internet users, he has now been catapulted into further spotlight with TV studios now taking his interviews.

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