Amid Agnipath protests, banks asked to explore employment opportunities for ‘Agniveers’ | Economy News

New Delhi: In order to provide job opportunities for “Agniveers”, officials from the finance ministry met with the chiefs of public sector banks and financial institutions on Thursday, June 16. Early this week, on June 14, the Union Cabinet authorized the Agnipath short-term military recruitment program that provides young citizens an opportunity to work with the armed forces for a tenure of four years. Candidates chosen for the program will be referred to as “Agniveers.” Meanwhile, it has been decided that banks would look into ways to support “Agniveers” through acceptable loan facilities for skill enhancement, education for company startup, and self-employment, according to a statement from the finance ministry.

The statement noted that support for “Agniveers” would be provided using already-existing government programs like Mudra and Stand Up India.

Meanwhile, the Secretary of the Department of Financial Services (DFS) met with the chief executives of public sector banks (PSBs), public sector insurance companies (PSICs), and financial institutions (FIs) to discuss how the banks and financial institutions can assist the “Agniveers” after their four-year tenure. (ALSO READ: Swiggy agent sends ‘MISS YOU’ texts to woman, company replies)

The Joint Secretary of the Department of Military Affairs presented the key elements of the Agnipath program during the meeting. According to the statement, it was decided at the meeting that PSBs, PSICs, and FIs would look into employment options for “Agniveers” in acceptable positions based on their educational backgrounds and skills through appropriate benefits / relaxations, etc. (ALSO READ: Unacademy lays off 150 employees from its PrepLadder team: Report)

– With PTI inputs.

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