3 Things You Need To Know From The Third 1/6 Committee Hearing

The third 1/6 Committee hearing focused on Trump’s pressure campaign against Mike Pence and how close Pence came to be assassinated.

1). Trump Knew On January 4th That His Plot To Overturn The Election Was Illegal And John Eastman Requested To Be Put On The Presidential Pardon List.

Vice Presidential Counsel Greg Jacob was asked, “Did John Eastman, did he ever admit as far as you know in front of the President his proposal would violate the Electoral Count Act?”

Jacob answered, “I believe he did on the fourth.”

Trump knew days before the 1/6 attack that the scheme that he had cooked up with John Eastman was a crime, but he still pressed forward with it. In other words, Donald Trump knowingly and intentionally committed crimes.


Eastman also emailed Rudy Giuliani to be put on the presidential pardon list.

2). Trump And Eastman Assumed That The Supreme Court Would Let The Get Away With A Coup

Q: So during that meeting on the fourth, I think I raised the problem that both of Mr. Eastman’s proposals would violate several provisions of the Electoral Count Act.

Jacob: Mr. Eastman acknowledged that that was the case. That even what he viewed as the more politically palatable option would violate several provisions. But he thought that we could do so because in his view, the Electoral Count Act was unconstitutional and when I raised concerns that the position would likely lose in court, his view was that the court simply wouldn’t get involved. They would invoke the political question doctrine and therefore we could have some comfort proceeding with that path.


3). Mike Pence Came A Lot Closer To Death Than Was Reported

The 1/6 Committee revealed that the mob came within 40 feet of Mike Pence.

The 1/6 Committee also revealed that they have an earlier draft of Trump’s 1/6 rally speech where he did not mention Pence. Trump added the attacks on Pence to his speech after Pence refused to cooperate with his plot to overturn the election. Trump made the intentional decision to incite a mob against Pence and put his own vice president’s life in danger.

The Committee also released chilling new video of the mob:

The inescapable conclusion is that Trump was willing to kill Mike Pence to keep himself in the White House.

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