World War II Veterans to Putin: Release people from Azovstal


Kyiv veterans of World War II have called on Russian President Vladimir Putin to allow Ukrainian soldiers and civilians at the Azovstal plant in Mariupol to leave the encircled factions.

Source: veterans’ video address

Veteran Oleksandra Romanchykova’s quote: “Hitler’s logic was clear, he wanted to destroy all nations. Why you have attacked us is unclear. We did not ask for anything and did not impose our orders on you.”

Veteran Oleksii Tkachenko’s quote: “War is the destruction of the lives of the people. Especially now. This is Putin’s team. It is not done like that. Why are you mocking the people? Release the garrison [the military personnel] from Mariupol, please. Release them.

We ask you to take appropriate measures for the release of both military and civilians currently in the city of Mariupol. “

Petro Tsybek’s quote: “I know what is being done in Mariupol. I am constantly watching this. But now this is a useless war. This massacre should be stopped.”

Details: Veterans are shocked that Russians, who fought side by side with Ukrainians against Nazi Germany, are now killing children in Ukraine.

They appeal to the conscience of the Russian authorities. Veterans say they are even ready to get down on their knees to rescue soldiers and civilians at Azovstal.

“We are protected [people] from a terrible villain in 41-45. Don’t be the same villain. Become a human being. Release them for the sake of our victory, which we also forged, “the veterans said.

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  • Recently, during three evacuations, some civilians have been taken out from Azovstal, but evacuation remains impossible for the military, including the wounded.

  • On 3 May, after the partial evacuation of civilians from Azovstal, the Russians attacked the plant. On May 4, the occupiers broke into the plant, which had already been bombed and shelled. Heavy fighting took place at Azovstal. As of May 5, the storming of the plant continued.

  • On May 6, Russian troops violated the ceasefire in Mariupol and fired on an evacuation vehicle that was going to pick up civilians from Azovstal: one soldier was killed and six were wounded.

  • On May 6, Zelenskyy said that influential states were involved in rescuing the Ukrainian military from Azovstal in Mariupol.

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