Why are a record number of people being displaced? | Refugees

From: Inside Story

UNHCR says the number of forcibly displaced people around the world surpasses 100 million for the first time on record.

The UN’s refugee agency says more than 100 million people have been forcibly displaced around the world.

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) said the “staggering milestone” was reached after the war in Ukraine pushed at least 14 million people from their homes.

The agency has praised the international response to help Ukrainians and urged the same level of compassion for other conflicts and crises.

Rights groups have criticized Western nations for failing to welcome the vast majority of displaced people from Africa, the Middle East and Asia.

So, will the record numbers spur the international community to resolve other conflicts?

Presenter: Hashem Ahelbarra


Nazanine Moshiri – Senior analyst for Climate & Security, Africa, International Crisis Group

Jesper Bjarnesen – Senior researcher, Nordic Africa Institute

Parvati Nair – Professor of Hispanic, Cultural and Migration Studies, Queen Mary University of London

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