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India is a country where the majority of sales of total vehicles sold are covered by passenger vehicles and covering a major portion of that chunk are two-wheelers, as per the data of the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways. Considering that, we can conclude that motorcycles are a popular vehicle segment in the Indian market. The reason can be how they are helpful in navigating through traffic-laden roads. But if you are still not convinced about choosing a motorcycle over a car. Here are five reasons why motorcycles are better than cars:

Saves more fuel

There is no doubt that lighter bodyweight and smaller engines contribute to the bike’s increased mileage. On average, a motorcycle can easily go for 30 km to 40 km on 1 liter of fuel. Moreover, if you choose bikes with higher fuel efficiency, they can go as high as 60 km to 70 km per liter. Furthermore, if adhered to the general rules of increasing fuel efficiency like properly inflated tires and a well-maintained engine, they can be a real money-saver, considering the increasing fuel prices.

Environment benefits

Motorcycles with higher gas mileage allow enthusiasts to travel without having as much of an environmental impact as larger vehicles such as cars or gas-guzzling trucks. As a new generation of car buyers emerges, minimizing ecological effects will become increasingly crucial when making a purchase.

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Higher resale value

While the resale value of your motorcycle will vary depending on the manufacturer, model, and style, in general, motorcycles hold their worth significantly better than cars. This is most likely due to the fact that these vehicles often log fewer miles.

Needs less space

It is no news that motorcycles are smaller in size and hence need less space. The smaller size comes in handy in terms of manoeuvrability and parking space. With motorcycles, you do not need to make an extra effort to find a parking space and then fit it in tight spots. Adding to it, you can save space at home for other activities as well.

Pocket friendly

Not only a motorcycle saves money by retaining the re-sale value using less fuel, but it is also much cheaper compared to any car. The Indian market offers bike enthusiasts options for entry-level bikes starting at a price as low as Rs 40,000. Moreover, the insurance for these vehicles comes at a very low cost.

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