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New Delhi: Netflix has stated that employees who are offended by the company’s shows are welcome to leave. Netflix acknowledged in an updated company culture memo posted Thursday that staff may be expected to work on shows that go against their personal principles. Netflix said it will support creators’ artistic independence while advising staff that if they struggled to embrace its diverse, sometimes offensive shows, it might not be the ideal environment for them.

Netflix’s amended memo, headlined ‘Netflix Culture – Seeking Excellence,’ stated, “We provide a wide variety of TV shows and movies, some of which can be provocative.”

“Rather than having Netflix restrict certain artists or viewpoints, we encourage the artistic expression of the creators we choose to work with; we program for a diverse audience and interests; and we allow viewers to decide what’s appropriate for them.”

“As Netflix employees, we believe in the notion of providing a diverse range of tales, even if certain movies run counter to our own personal views.”

“Depending on your position, you may be required to work on titles that you believe are damaging. Netflix may not be the right place for you if you have trouble supporting our content diversity.”

According to Variety, the new guidelines appear to be in response to the recent backlash over Dave Chappelle’s sitcom The Closer. Netflix employees staged a walkout in protest of the company’s decision to retain the comedian’s special on service despite criticism that it was homophobic and transphobic.

According to Variety, a Netflix employee was fired for sharing private information about the Dave Chappelle special with someone outside the company.

Netflix has apparently changed its memo for the first time in five years. It comes after the streaming giant experienced its first loss in subscribers in over a decade.

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