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It looks like Mark Wahlberg‘s love of golf and love of partying go hand in hand, as he proved on social media. On a video posted to his official Instagram account, The Boogie Nights star celebrated Cinco De Mayo with an indoor game of virtual golf, while “Middle Child” by J.Cole echoed in the background. (It seems like Mark is still connected to his hip-hop roots!)

The now 50-year-old actor is still representing his tough image from his “Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch” days, as he shamelessly took a large swig of tequila right from the bottle without flinching, no chaser necessary. “Woah. Good workout. No protein shake needed, ”he casually commented before promptly picking up his putter and making a hard swing at his screen. No shirt needed either, apparently.

While Mark’s Instagram has over 18 million followers, the video has racked up over 150k views in a matter of two hours, and it’s not hard to understand why. The Boston-native looked obviously in shape in the video, which is especially impressive considering that he had to gain a whopping 30 pounds in a mere six weeks to prepare for his role as a boxer in the 2022 film Father Stu. Usually dedicated to fitness, Mark admitted that he wasn’t exactly a fan of having to eat an astronomical 11,000 calories a day. However, there’s no denying that he quickly managed to bounce back.

Mark Wahlberg Shirtless Outdoors
Mark Wahlberg Shirtless on the Beach (MEGA)

Although the room in the video looked spacious, it is not known whether or not it was filmed in his $ 87.5 million Beverly Hills mansion that was put on the market last month. This also wasn’t the only shirtless video related to golfing that the actor has posted on his Instagram, as he showed Tom Holland his Power Plate Plus in February. In the video, he debunked the humorous misunderstanding that the muscle massage tool was meant for… something else. “I’m swinging the club way too hard. I’m chalking the s ** t out of the golf ball, ”he said while a man put the device on his shoulder. As his recent video proves, he does not hold back when it comes to his golf swings.

Happy Cinco De Mayo, Mark!

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