Is it okay to consume sweets before every meal? An Ayurveda expert answers

According to the Ayurveda, sweet timing, and state of awareness during meals either increases ojas (vitality) or ama (toxicity). Her post says that “the following rules will serve as a guide for tapping into the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda and using it to create health, vitality, and energy through sweets.”

According to Dr Rekha, Ayurveda says that “In Ayurveda, we always say that start your meal with a ‘Madhur Rasa’, which does not mean that one should eat a Gulab Jamun or a Rasgulla before a meal. Even rice and wheat have natural sugar. So, by ‘Madhur Rasa’, we don’t mean that indulge in sweets before a meal but have some healthy carbs like wheat, rice or even barley for that matter. The order of eating food should be in this way only, first the carbs, then the rest of the meal and always end the meal with an astringent like Chaach or Buttermilk, as it helps digest the meal. An astringent can help absorb the good nutrients of the meal while flushing out the bad toxins from your body. ”

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